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About us

Pragmatic, honest & independent

IT consultancy for e-Commerce. Yuccaa takes care of it. With a sincere story, lost of experience and above all a pragmatic attitude.

Our services are focused on advising and unburdening e-Commerce organizations with IT challenges. We are unique in our business due to our focus on IT, operations and people. We won’t do any configuration. That is something everybody can do, at least when they get the right support; our support.

Reality shows that the knowledge within the e-Commerce platform is often sufficient with various specialties per platform. However, the bridge towards the process and the organisation is difficult to build and that is exactly where we come in. We make sure your back-end works with your front-end and your operational processes are efficient and scaleable.


Nice to meet you



The realistic one

Camiel likes to make things easy. In a positive way so everyone can understand it. He is realistic, dares to ask difficult questions and takes the lead in finding a solution. Camiel has been involved in many ERP, e-Commerce and mid-size projects in the role of project lead, process owner and project manager. With his experience as a team manager of finance professionals, he quickly connects with operational colleagues. He will definitely join the Friday afternoon drinks.



The energetic one

Jeffrey is the most energetic one of the bunch. His attitude and energy is catching and has a positive impact on any team. Jeffrey has over twelve years of consultancy experience in the field of ERP and e-Commerce and has been responsible for the delivery of many successful projects in his role as Delivery Manager. This makes him widely oriented and the perfect advisor during every project phase. His attitude provides clarity and prevents false promises so you know exactly where you stand and what you can expect.



The structured one

Marloes takes the initiative. She takes care of everything from start to finish and delivers more than what you can expect from her. Marloes has substantive ERP, e-Commerce, retail and project management experience. This enables her to challenge a group and immediately determine the next steps. She ensures that the project will overscore on quality and is delivered according to planning and budget.

Our story

Yuccaa was founded to help organizations move forward in a different way. We focus on a project partnership and that is something two parties have to commit to. We want to work with like-minded people, in a dynamic environment with a 'work-hard, play-hard' attitude.


We are convinced that the three of us can add more value than each of us individually. This means that we actively work together and will use the strength and knowledge of each other at the right time.


Start-ups within e-Commerce or e-Commerce scale-ups with a strong ambition for the future are organizations that suit us well.


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