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The highligts in this case:

Consolidated 3 different source ERP systems into 1

Collaborated with brands like Amazon, Apple, and Tesla

4,200+ employees across 20 countries

The project

Dept, experiencing rapid growth due to various acquisitions, required a new ERP system to support their international expansion: Oracle NetSuite. Our role in this ambitious project was pivotal. With a strong emphasis on scalability and flexibility, we assisted Dept in implementing an ERP system capable of supporting the buy and built strategy.

We undertook project management with a focus on achieving a swift go-live while minimizing disruption to current processes. Our priorities centered around challenging the necessity of components and promptly identifying risks due to the time-sensitive nature. We're proud to announce that the new ERP system is now fully operational and poised to support Dept's international growth.

The challange

Dept faced a significant challenge due to its rapid growth. High year-end workloads, coupled with day-to-day business operations, left employees overwhelmed. Simultaneously, Dept had set an ambitious timeline for the go-live and rollout of NetSuite, with the need to integrate with existing (consolidation) systems.

As project managers, we played a crucial role in overcoming these obstacles. Yuccaa committed to guiding the entire implementation process, from initial approach determination, planning, and architecting the future, to guiding testing and conversion. We worked closely with Dept to ensure a smooth rollout of the new system, maximizing the limited hours employees could contribute. From the project's outset, we established a clear focus, optimizing the utility of employee time.

The approach

Considering the capacity and deadline challenges within Dept, we recognized the importance of minimal disruptions to existing processes. Instead of implementing radical changes, we concentrated on identifying bottlenecks and devising pragmatic solutions. This allows our clients to transition seamlessly to new systems without costly interruptions. Importantly, it enables swift utilization of the new system, with users contributing solutions to optimize the tool later on.

We prioritized standard configuration and minimized customization. This not only saved precious time and resources but also empowered our clients to:

  • Immediately define standard processes for future commitments

  • Maximize the benefits of forthcoming upgrades

  • Structure processes in line with NetSuite developers' thinking, harnessing the ERP package's standard capabilities.

Another facet of our approach is the integration of banking via Cobase. This provided Dept with a streamlined and efficient means to manage their banking transactions in one place, a critical factor when dealing with numerous international banks.

In summary, our approach aims to ensure a smooth implementation process, allowing our clients to swiftly transition to enhanced systems and processes. Adhering to the principle of "Keep it Simple, Go Live & Optimize," we strive to forge valuable partnerships with our clients, supporting their growth, success, and objectives."

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