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Yuccaa x Dept x Oracle

Netsuite With Yuccaa, we have guided Dept in the implementation of NetSuite. The development is complete, we have successfully passed the system integration tests, and now is the moment where everything comes together. All countries, users, processes, integrations, and, of course, data migration.

We have been working towards this with the team in recent times. The project team's focus was on delivering a functional system.

Our contribution was to look ahead and ensure the timely completion of the development, set up the training documentation, and conduct the training. Now, we have a robust plan for data migration and how we can document and follow up on the tests. This means testing nearly 4,000 use cases in one month, preparing for the go-live in 11 countries.

Upon successful completion of the tests, we will enter the next phase of the project, which is the phased roll-out. More information on that will follow later.


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