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A diamond smile for everyone.

The highlights of this case:

Integrating an ERP, middleware, three marketplaces, four 3PLs, and a WMS

Scalable solution that suits rapid growth

Setup to easily add new marketplaces, 3PLs, and brands

The project

Dwarfs was the first aggregator in the Netherlands! The aggregation concept involves acquiring various smaller webshops and then merging processes, resulting in time savings, cost efficiency, and improved service. Yuccaa has extensive experience with implementation projects and system integration for multiple aggregators. Dwarfs has ambitious plans to acquire dozens of successful webshops on and Amazon in the coming years and significantly expand them. To achieve these growth objectives, investors have invested tens of millions of euros in the company.

Dwarfs had a small team of seven people when we started. This focused composition allowed us to work efficiently and make decisions quickly with Dwarfs. The Dwarfs team has now grown to a team of 30. We focus on setting up a robust IT highway, with an emphasis on phased onboarding of brands. It is essential that the different brands seamlessly integrate with each other, creating an integrated ecosystem that enables efficient and effective operations.

The challange

The project at Dwarfs takes place in a startup environment where one constant prevails: continuous change. As a fast-growing company, Dwarfs understands that adaptability and flexibility are essential for success in a dynamic market. They aim to bring together different accounting practices, operational activities, sales channels, and improvements within one integrated landscape. Through this integration, they can work more efficiently, achieve consistency, and establish a solid foundation for further growth.

At Yuccaa, the intention is always to think two years ahead to ensure scalability. They understand that growth and expansion come with new challenges and requirements. By proactively anticipating future needs and developments, we can help them make the necessary adjustments and improvements in a timely manner to prepare the company for further growth. This forward-thinking approach enables Dwarfs to remain flexible and adapt to the changing demands of the market, strengthening their competitive position and sustaining successful growth.

The approach

At Dwarfs, they employ an explosive approach, where they think first and then act, which aligns well with our approach: pragmatic, honest, and independent. From day one, they take control and become operational immediately. They understand the importance of hands-on experience and real-life examples to achieve the best results. Therefore, it was essential for them to connect the sales channels as quickly as possible. This allowed them to work with real-time data and make comparisons with existing systems, gaining quick insights into the performance and effectiveness of their processes.

After a successful go-live in the first week, Dwarfs immediately proceeded with the next brands. They understood that continuous monitoring and optimization were crucial for their growth plans. Therefore, we intensively monitored for one week to identify any bottlenecks or areas for improvement. After this short evaluation period, we were able to quickly proceed with the onboarding process of the next brands. This streamlined approach allowed Dwarfs to remain efficient and achieve rapid expansion of their portfolio.


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