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Truck accessories to pimp out big trucks.

The highligts of this case:

5 systems linked together

50% less work in order processing

Average order processing time reduced by 1 day

Go-in-Style truckers

The project

Go-in-Style is Europe's premier trucking accessories website. Truckers come here to purchase the finest accessories for their homes on wheels. With the team led by owner Jan Jaap and his wife Larissa, they have transformed into a household name among truckers and a rapidly growing e-commerce company.

We began by selecting IT systems, which included Delivery Match for booking shipments, Picqer for warehouse management, Belco for customer service, and Lightspeed for a B2B shop. After selecting the systems, it became clear that new integrations were needed between the webshop and the financial system, Exact Online. Therefore, a big bang approach was unavoidable.

Yuccaa x Go-in-Style

The challange

With the rapid growth of, operational challenges also emerged. The team was burdened with repetitive work to process orders - booking shipments, invoicing, creating orders - which hindered further growth. Additionally, the company outgrew its warehouse location and lacked warehouse management software.

The question posed to Yuccaa was: How do we implement new IT systems at Go-in-Style while keeping the store operational? What should be done first, and which systems are the best fit for us?

Accessoires van go-in-style

The approach

We chose to combine the relocation and go-live processes. Picqer was implemented as the new Warehouse Management System (WMS). Delivery Match was integrated into the website to enable carrier selection, and a new integration between Exact, Picqer, and Lightspeed ensured that inventory and orders remained in sync.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to create a testing environment with these systems, so pre-testing was limited. We mitigated the risk of limited testing by closely monitoring all transactions during the initial weeks and verifying them across all systems. Additionally, we allocated extra manpower because the initial phase naturally required more time.

In the weeks following the go-live, we conducted daily evaluations to identify what was working well and areas for improvement. Based on these evaluations, we added additional functionalities such as returns, pick-up points, the B2B shop, optimization of shipping methods, and setting up proper procurement and replenishment advice in the warehouse.


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