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Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Go North

We acquire and grow Amazon brands

The highligts in this case:

100% sales on Amazon

Further development on an existing IT landscape

Mainly active outside of Europe

Go Greener Go North

The project

Go North is a Swedish aggregator. They acquire smaller webshops and Amazon sellers and then work on growing them. Integrating these different webshops and seller accounts into one system is essential to achieve the benefits of time savings, cost efficiency, and improved service. At Yuccaa, we have done this before and were excited to get started on this project.

The opportunity to work with Go North came through a referral. It sounded like an interesting project, but we soon discovered that many setup choices had been made that did not align with our expertise and best practices. Therefore, we decided to approach it step by step. Through a methodical and patient approach, we were able to gradually make the necessary adjustments, and the project is now running satisfactorily.

The project required a careful balance between respecting the existing setup and implementing improvements. We focused on identifying and addressing bottlenecks based on risk analysis while ensuring continuity in daily operations. By making incremental progress on different topics, we were able to efficiently implement improvements and achieve the desired results. This pragmatic approach allows us to successfully complete small sub-projects while meeting the needs and expectations of the client.

The challange

Working on this project posed the challenge of getting to know the existing environments well and understanding the reasons behind certain choices. This required thorough research and close collaboration with the involved teams at Go North. We made efforts to gain insight into the historical context and the reasons behind the decisions made. With this understanding, we were able to communicate more effectively and provide the right recommendations for improvements, considering the existing situation and constraints. Although each aggregator is unique, we benefit from our previous experience.

Another challenge was advising on changes without having full visibility into their impact beforehand. Given the complexity of the project and the dynamics of the environment, it was sometimes necessary to make decisions based on limited information. However, we closely monitored and evaluated how these changes unfolded and made timely adjustments when needed.

Go North logo

The approach

During our collaboration with Go North, we followed a structured approach to ensure smooth operation with the existing system and meet expectations. Within our partnership with Go North, we emphasized the importance of prioritizing, planning, implementing, and evaluating. Together with the Go North team, we established priorities based on their specific needs and objectives. We held weekly meetings with Go North's Financial Systems Manager, working closely to discuss progress, address any challenges, and set priorities. This regular communication allowed us to quickly respond to any issues and ensure a smooth implementation. We then created a detailed implementation plan and executed it step by step. After each phase or milestone, we conducted a thorough evaluation to assess what worked well and identify areas for improvement. This cyclical approach allowed us to continuously learn, adapt, and optimize, resulting in a successful implementation and a strong partnership with Go North.


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