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The world's largest marketplace for custom print products

The highligts of this case:

Active in 13 countries, 500,000+ customers, 200+ employees

Roadmap for processing €50 million in revenue

Complete overhaul of ERP and other systems

The project

Helloprint is an online print platform that offers businesses and individuals the ability to order personalized printed materials and promotional items. They have a wide range of products, ranging from business cards and flyers to banners and corporate gifts.

Our collaboration with Helloprint began after the implementation of NetSuite as their reliable system that met all their needs. We worked closely together to ensure effective usage of NetSuite and that everyone within Helloprint could work with it proficiently. After the challenges brought about by Covid, we worked with Helloprint to explore opportunities for further optimizing NetSuite.

We developed a detailed roadmap to implement the desired improvements step by step and increase the efficiency of their business processes. To accomplish this, we established a methodology with Helloprint to ensure they did not get caught up in daily operations but could focus on the roadmap and process improvements. We introduced the scrum methodology but adapted it to complete all steps in just one day. This allowed them to reserve a specific day of the week to fully concentrate on analyzing, planning, implementing, and evaluating process improvements. This focused approach enabled Helloprint to work purposefully on optimizing their business processes while smoothly running their daily operations.

The challange

Helloprint faced several challenges during the project, including the complexity surrounding VAT (Value Added Tax). As Helloprint operates in multiple countries, the system needed to be capable of accurately calculating VAT and complying with the specific tax regulations of each country. Additionally, the large-scale aggregation of supply and demand presented a challenge due to the high volume of orders that needed to be processed.

One of the significant challenges for Helloprint was the fact that their own platform was still undergoing continuous development. This meant that not only did the ERP system need to be set up, but also the platform it had to integrate with was constantly changing. Weekly adjustments to the platform required us to be flexible and adaptable in order to smoothly integrate the systems while accounting for the ongoing changes in the environment. This required close collaboration and constant communication to ensure the ERP system and the platform were in sync and provided the desired functionality to Helloprint and its customers.

The approach

Our implementation approach focused on a phased rollout of functionalities, with a specific emphasis on finance aspects. Initially, the focus was on implementing accounts payable, tax, and financial reporting.

Now that we have successfully completed the finance rollout, our next step is to expand the integrations to seamlessly connect orders and fulfillments. This means working on creating an integrated system where all key aspects of the business process are synchronized. This will enable streamlined and automated order processing and fulfillment, further improving efficiency and insight into the business process


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