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"Proper management of the project is an important condition for a successful result." - thus, our own website.😉

Project management is an important skill to guarantee the quality and workability of a solution so that it matches the project and organizational objectives. In this context, Camiel gave extensive training on project management to colleagues Bjorn and Mitchell last week.

Together we dived into the following topics:

🎯 Scope: Determining the goals and deliverables as a project manager.

📅 Planning: Efficient planning of time and resources for a successful project progress.

💰 Budget: Managing financial resources to keep the project within the set limits.

🤝 Stakeholder Management: How to communicate effectively with different stakeholders and the team.

🗣️ Communication: Setting up structured communication within the team. 📈 Evaluation: Evaluating project performance to improve future projects.

As icing on the cake, Mitchell and Bjorn were given an assignment in which they had to build a Lego boat together in just 7 minutes! 🚣‍♂️ This hands-on teamwork scenario enabled them to demonstrate their strengths as project managers and discover where they can grow. What did I learn from this day? Never let these two men build your boat, it will be more like a submarine.


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