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We buy. We build. We brand.

The highligts of this case:

Five marketplaces and four 3PLs across two continents

Integrations 75% designed and built

Project managed by a small team primarily working remotely

We The Brand Aggregators

The project

WETHEBRANDS, a German aggregator, is an organization with significant growth ambitions. They primarily focus on Amazon and several local marketplaces. Like most aggregators, WETHEBRANDS aimed to integrate various applications to achieve time savings, cost efficiency, and improved service. Yuccaa had the relevant experience, making it a perfect match!

Although WETHEBRANDS is a relatively young organization for such an ambitious project, their mindset was "now or never." WETHEBRANDS has a clear goal: to become a leading player in the world of aggregators. They understand the challenges ahead but are determined to embrace this opportunity and pursue their growth ambitions.

The first step was mapping out their future processes. We then aligned these processes with the applications and determined the final setup. This provided a clear and solid starting point for the rest of the project.

We The Brand consultant

The challange

The biggest challenge within this project was the diverse integrations. There were multiple applications, 3PLs, and other APIs that lacked standard add-ons. As a result, 75% of the integrations were designed and built from scratch. Our role was mainly to ensure that the integrations aligned with the processes, were future-proof and scalable, self-manageable, and had clear error handling. For the remaining 25% of the integrations, carefully selected add-ons were used that seamlessly fit with the designed processes and applications.

In collaboration with WETHEBRANDS, we opted for a bold approach by bringing together all applications, brands, and marketplaces in one big 'big bang' during the go-live. This strategy offered several benefits, including minimizing transitional periods, avoiding user confusion by working in both old and new systems, and reducing complexity for Finance and Supply Chain. Naturally, this approach also posed challenges in terms of complexity and risk.

Yuccaa and We The Brand

The approack

Despite the challenges arising from WETHEBRANDS being a young organization (limited experience of key users) and the implementation partner's minimal specific market knowledge, we managed to establish a strong collaboration between the Yuccaa team and WETHEBRANDS. Leveraging our experience, we guided the team of key users and supplemented market knowledge during the workshops.

Throughout the project, there were frequent changes in project members, both internal and external. Fortunately, the teams collaborated well, and in most cases, we achieved smooth transitions without losing valuable information. This internal alignment was crucial in ensuring a seamless execution and successful implementation.

Together, we have achieved results that meet the requirements and objectives set by the steering group. This successful collaboration demonstrates that with the right commitment and involvement, an effective implementation is possible, even in challenging circumstances!


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