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Clarity on what you can expect

From start to end

€4,800 per week

Implementation support

A partnership, that is what we aim for. Together we will implement your engine, design, describe and align your operational processes. We actively involve all parties so all promises will be fulfilled, on time, according to the expected quality and within budget. We are committed to make this project a success. We are intensively involved in the project and ensure a good hand-over.

€ 2,400 per week

Operational improvement

Our expertise is often needed in a certain stage. For example, when designing processes, selecting the right IT applications, or during acquisition or expansion to a new country. You get us on board for these projects. Your focus can remain on further growth and business optimization. You will benefit from excellent knowledge, a lot of experience and a network, without the risk of making a lot of costs.

€1,200 per week


A new feature or operational process just went live. It is important that issues are resolved quickly and that someone is available to think along and troubleshoot. No invoice per created ticket, telephone call or e-mail. No, just a fixed amount for as long as necessary.

All these prices are indicative, please contact us for a proposal that fits your needs.


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